CEDP Phase 2 Day 2 Reflection – The Learning Cafe

Today, I found something about this program that actually left me frustrated. Rather than praise the provocative and participatory sessions on Large Classrooms and the Role of the Coordinator, I’m going for a bit of a deeper dive today.

Really, I had no idea what the Learning Cafe would be like, but when I hear the word cafe, this image above is what comes to mind. Peaceful, tidy, and with a wide variety of pastries to stuff my face with. (Perhaps the CEDP cake analogy had something to do with it.)

I wanted to sink my teeth into the topics – to find new flavours for my classes that learners from any style might prefer – to sprinkle some small group learning activities into my larger lectures – to gather other participants’ crumbs of expertise on making multiple choice questions – and to serve it all up with unique uses for the textbook and homework assignments.

I left with an empty stomach and wanted so much more!

Twenty minutes per topic just wasn’t enough! My coffee was fast-food quality: too hot and rushed. I wanted to savour the moment, but was ushered out of the way for the next customers pushing through the door. I wanted to chat with fellow patrons and listen to all the great work they do in their own classrooms. I wanted to learn from them on a much deeper level.

No “drinking from the fire hydrant” for this girl. I’ll have to try to connect with them in another forum. Maybe we’ll continue the discussion online?

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