3 Goals for the Fall 2013 Term

During this fall semester, I would like to accomplish 3 things:

  1. Get more social activities on the student Co-Curricular Record.
  2. Implement ideas from CEDP Phase 1 into my lesson planning.
  3. Maintain this blog as a tool for reflective practice.

1. I plan to host a monthly movie night and show health-related documentaries and docu-dramas. Next week, we will invite our textbook publisher reps to show our students how to take full advantage of their electronic resources. In December, we will collect toys for the children’s floor of the new local hospital.

2. I will lecture less. I will use more learning activities that promote social learning and hands-on manipulation. I will show more videos in class, rather than having students watch them after the class is over.

3. I will post something to this blog at least twice a month, so I can review and revisit my progress.

What are your goals for the next 4 months?

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