Quick CEDP Phase 1 Day 3 Overview

It’s getting late since I was working on organizing my notes from today’s workshops and finalizing the lesson plan I’ll present to my small group tomorrow for feedback. I really struggle with making human tissues an interesting topic, so I look forward to the suggestions of my colleagues.

Keynote: Jesse Hirsh – Learning at the Speed of Light

The hour and a half flew by (at the speed of light)!

  • McLuhan’s rear-view mirror effect: we are living in the future (of technology) now!
  • Whoever has attention has a form of social power.
  • Twitter is the court of public power.
  • Philosophically, no one goes on the internet to find someone who disagrees with them.
  • The classroom is the last bastion of shared reality.
  • A digital native is not necessarily great with technology.
  • The digital divide speaks to differing socioeconomic status and privilege.
  • We are cursed with connectivity.
  • Literacy is all about pattern recognition and the network effect.
  • On gamification: games have rigid logic and rules, but play promotes a freedom to explore.


Nancy Nelson – Project/Problem-Based Learning

David DiBattista – Getting the Most Out of Multiple Choice Questions

  • I will try not to use sentence-completion format.
  • I will try to reword my old questions so they are clearer and shorter.
  • I will get rid of all of my option E’s (4 options only).
  • I will avoid negative wording.
  • I will get rid of all options that state ALL or NONE of the above.
  • I will ensure that my questions are properly aligned with the course outcomes.
  • I will ensure that the questions are covering the appropriate cognitive level.
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