Invisibly Busy

I think I feel busier in the summer months than I do during the school year. If I was to use this blog to track my actual accomplishments, however, it would look like I have been sitting around doing nothing for the past month. I do have a number of saved blog drafts getting backed up, but they will have to wait for another day.

So what have I been up to all summer?

I bought a house, recruited some friends to help me re-paint the whole thing, and moved in.

I planted a vegetable garden: 12 tomatos, 12 peppers, 6 eggplants, 4 cucumbers, and a marigold border. The marigold border is supposed to keep out small animals but every time I go out to water the veggie patch I spy a little rabbit sitting happily in the middle of all the produce.

I spent a week in Boston visiting a friend and getting inspired by all the great attractions on their CityPass. The Museum of Science was easily my favourite stop. I could have spent the whole week just interacting with all the exhibits and attending their fantastic demonstrations.

I finished adding all of my collected student feedback to my teaching portfolio, and updated my list of conferences and workshops to include the TEDxNiagara event, and Spotlight on Teaching and Learning. As expected, Dr. Alec Couros (Open Thinking: Rants and Resources from an Open Educator) was inspirational!

I spent a weekend camping during a tornado watch. Since there were no injuries (just a fairly sleepless night of thunder and lightning) it was actually pretty exciting.

I enrolled in 2 online courses: Adult Education and Curriculum Development. They are both part of the Teaching Online certificate that Niagara College offers. So far it has been a great chance to reflect on my past, present, and future journeys in education.

… and of course I could go on and on about my summer adventures – but enough about that! How did you spend YOUR summer vacation?

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